Best Cookware Sets in 2021: Direct-to-Consumer Companies, Including Made In to Material

Our favorite set, the All-Clad D3 seven-piece, would cost about $50 more if you bought each piece of cookware individually. The difference will vary based on the brand and the specific set but you can expect to save some money when buying a cohesive set. In terms of design, testers noted that the pan handles had a nice feel and found that the squared-off lid handles fit comfortably in their hands. The bigger pans and pots have a helper handle for ease of holding anything heavier or hot as well.

Copper cookware heats the most evenly and is the most responsive (meaning, take your pan of hollandaise off the burner and it stops cooking immediately so there’s no danger it will curdle). But copper is super pricey and requires a lot of upkeep if you want to maintain its bright, shiny finish. This article has been reviewed since its original publish date for accuracy, pricing and availability. Enameled Cast Iron We combined the superior heat retention of cast iron with the beauty of enamel to create a versatile, show-stopping kitchen workhorse.

The All-Clad skillets discolored slightly over heat, though significantly less than almost any other cookware we tested. In our tests, the Tramontina 3-quart saucepan made perfect caramel without burning, though we had to swirl the pan more to distribute the heat evenly. This wasn’t the case with the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic stockpot, which required frequent stirring to prevent the sauce from burning.

Cookware Sets

(However, if you prefer saucepans with two handles, some manufacturers, such as All-Clad, sell them open stock.) We also looked for sets that included a hole on each handle for hanging. Side handles are best for larger saucepans and stockpots, which have a bigger volume and require two hands to lift. All told, I’ve spent more than 130 hours researching and testing cookware sets for this guide. As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, I have written reviews for all kinds of kitchen equipment and gadgets, including skillets, knife sets, and cutting boards.

Tri-ply cookware like sauce pans, skillets, and stockpots; high-carbon steel paring, chef’s, and bread knives; and necessary tools like a fish spatula, tongs, measuring cups, and spoons. Offering various bundles of utensils, knives, and cookware, the company has Cookware Sets a full collection of products ideal for anyone who is outfitting a kitchen from scratch. It is easy to use and maintain, so you don’t have to put in a lot of effort when cleaning. They have a delicate surface, so you need to be super careful when cleaning them.

Additionally, we evaluated how easy the handles were to hold, especially when retrieving the pots and pans from a hot oven using a side towel or pot holders. We also took note of the individual weight and thickness of the pieces in each gotham steel cookware sets set. To test for dripping, we observed how easily we could pour liquids from each pot. By hand-washing the pots and pans, we got a sense of how easy they were to clean. And we looked at how well each set nested for convenient storage.