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Bob Snodgrass, and his apprentice and glass bong inventor, Cameron Tower, are still kicking and still lampworking to this day. Unlike other smoking tools, such as a glass bong, pipes are a simple way to smoke your favorite herb without compromising the filtration properties. Essentially, a glass pipe is a compact version of a bong, created with only the essential components such as a stem, carburetor, and bowl. The Tooty Fruity glass pipes are about 4 inches long. This hand pipe made with boroscilicate glass and has the high end art.

Made in Anaheim they offer not only a water bottle style but also Henny bottles, beer bottles, and an all-too-familiar sports drink. HookahHookah, Narghila, Ghalian and all cultural variants of these term refer to the top loading water pipe used to enjoy flavored and sugared tobacco called Shisha. SpoonSpoon refers to a simple straight handpipe and is the most common shape of a handpipe. Is using a security service for protection against online attacks. You will be redirected once the validation is complete.

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Pendant Smoking Pipe Yellow is a mini pipe, which can be worn on your neck so you can have it all the time with you. Pipe is handmade by our glassworks, every piece is an original. Glass tips get grody and require a rubbing alcohol bath. Go sustainable disposable with Biokemp’s combo of hemp and corn. They last up to three joints per tip and come in a rainbow of colors and designs. Handing someone a big fat joint that has your initials in the tip is a pretty boss move and don’t be surprised if they ask you what stores you’re in.

Made with sturdy borosilicate glass and sold in assorted colors that may vary… One of the more surprising collectibles in the glass world is cupware. I know, after staring at all these incredible bongs, it’s easy to water pipes forget glassblowers make more than just pipes and rigs. But if you sneak into a serious glass collector’s kitchen, you’ll discover the cup-blowing scene has a vast range of artists creating some outrageous stuff.

We have tons of options when it comes to glassworks. We carry different types of water pipes like custom unique designed ones, waterpipes of all sorts with percolators like frittered glass, tree percs, diffused downstems, gridded inline and more. We carry dab sets as well with dome nail set ups and quartz bangers. We have an assortment spoons and bats in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Our stock is diverse and always growing as we strive to acquire the latest trending pieces.

With no water or complex accessories required, you can take your pipe on the go and smoke whenever the moment strikes. Is here to ensure you’re covered with the best of the best glass. The 8 inch small glass water pipe has blue, green, clear and black color to choose from. In the artwork of this piece it has different layer of color. It has smooth male side edges.and can work with any 18mm glass water pipe.