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That said, unlike the more powerful S7 MaxV or Ecovacs, it uses only a LIDAR sensor to navigate and has no cameras that allow it to see and avoid low-lying hazards in real-time. Machine must be the exact same model number as it appears on and in stock. You can identify the machine serial number on the box or on the product itself.

Appearing in an FCC filing this week, the Roomba robot vacuum shows a collection of features that make this device seem at least as powerful as the previously-released , Dyson 360 Heurist. This new device sports a shocking blue and assurance that it works with a brand new Dyson Hyperdymium motor. Our latest innovation bissell crosswave cordless in cord-free technology delivers superior cleaning performance from floor to ceiling and up to 50x more suction power than the average robotic vacuum. The Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum is currently out of stock in the US. However, superior cleaning performance is still available in all our other vacuums.

This resulted in it taking 50 minutes to map and 35 minutes to clean our test room, a poor result compared to other robot vacuums. This vacuum does a fantastic job of handling solid debris on surfaces like laminate or hardwood and is fairly adept when it comes to handling pet hair. However, its weak suction motor means it struggles to clear away debris embedded deep within carpet fibers. Thankfully, it makes very little noise while running, which is great if you have a pet that’s skittish around loud vacuums. Basically, the 360 Eye stands as proof that Dyson can make as big a splash in the robot vacuum market as it has nearly everywhere else. Still, at $999, we think it’s worth waiting for the next version.

It cleaned well and quickly too – covering our test room in just under 18 minutes. Plus its sensor system worked effectively, meaning that even when it bumped into furniture, dyson robot vacuum it was able to navigate away without assistance. Compact, powerful cleaning with Ball™ technology to easily navigate under furniture and around obstacles.

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Other robotic vacuums operate on an efficient, hug-the-walls, cleaning-inwards spiral pattern. The Heurist has been designed as a ‘learning’ robot which means that it does not take the simplest route, because it is constantly recalculating it’s distance from walls and furniture. So rather than, say, following a wall for two metres, it will stop and start while it scans the wall every few seconds.