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Penske’s IndyCar operations also had Mobil 1 sponsorship from 1991, until the deal was ended after the 2010 season. Since 2011, Stewart-Haas mobil 1 full synthetic Racing has carried the Mobil 1 sponsorship among their various teams. Toyota Racing Development-supported NASCAR teams also use Mobil oil.

Often, an oil leak is an easy fix, like replacing a filter or tightening a bolt. But an unchecked Oil Leak can lead to catastrophic engine failure and serious fire hazards. A Midas oil change takes about 60 minutes and includes oil and filter change as well as our complimentary Midas Touch Courtesy Check. Oil Change Plus customers should allow another 15 minutes for tire rotation. A do-it-yourself oil change can take up to an hour, depending on how easily you can access the oil drain plug and filter on your vehicle. Specially designed for vehicles with over 75,000 miles.

Manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles for many older vehicles and certain engine types. The 3,000-mile oil change might be a sensible tradition to keep alive if you choose conventional oil. Castrol EDGE is another full synthetic oil that you should consider for your engine. The oil has dispersant molecules in its structure that help prevent the formation of gum and sludge deposits. They also contribute to improving your car’s overall performance by reducing friction that’s notorious for impeding the engine’s performance and wearing it away. The anti-wear properties and ideal viscosity of this oil ensure that the metal parts run smoothly and thus last longer.

Shop supply fee of 8% of labor cost (up to $35) added to invoices over $35, includes cost and profit, and is not charged if prohibited. © 2022 Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC. All rights reserved. With regular car oil changes, your vital engine parts stay well-coated and protected against excess mobil 1 full synthetic heat and friction. You can save time in the store by pre-booking your repair service appointment online today. Your Midas mechanic can help you choose the right motor oil for your vehicle and driving style – and we’ll never put any oil in your vehicle that fails to meet its manual specifications.

Full synthetic oil is higher in quality than conventional oil and provides enhanced protection for your engine which results in better performance and longer lifetime. Different vehicles use different oils, so it’s essential to know what kind of oil is recommended by the manufacturer for use in your vehicle. The list of recommended oils for gasoline engines will be different from those for diesel engines. It’s vital to know what kind of oil should be used in your car because using the wrong oil can be fatal to the engine. Motor oil lubricates the mechanical parts that move inside your engine as well as helps to clean, cool and protect your engine. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, where applicable, for oil changes based on your individual driving habits and conditions.

This symbol means that this oil is certified and thus is safe to use. You should know how they are different from each other to determine which one suits your car best. It doesn’t only lubricate the engine parts so they can shift smoothly but also prevents them from heat and wear caused by friction. Its main job is to keep the engine protected from all kinds of damage. For your peace of mind, we offer a complimentary Visual Vehicle Check to every customer. The VVC provides a visual check of your vehicle’s components in 5 different categories, covering 39 points of your vehicle.

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Besides, the high viscosity index significantly improves fuel economy allowing you to save money without putting your engine’s well-being at stake. Proper oil maintenance will help extend the life of your vehicle. Even if you do not drive often, the engine oil could get contaminated as a result of accumulated moisture.

It reduces friction, lessens wear, lubricates metal engine parts, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls while helping to cool engine parts. Without the cleaning action of fresh oil, carbon and varnish buildup would be toxic to the engine. It is important to regularly change your oil so that it protects your engine and helps it last longer so you can keep a healthy vehicle. If your oil is not regularly changed, it can leave damaging deposits, sludge and buildup throughout the internal parts of the engine. Formula One team Williams had Mobil sponsorship from 1978 to 1988, as well as 2009.

You should also consider what climate you live in and what your driving style is. The cost of your oil change will depend on the oil service package you choose and the type of oil that’s used. All oil change services include a 19-point courtesy inspection of your vehicle and a free top-off of essential fluids. Want to help your engine run efficiently, maximize fuel economy, minimize emissions, and prolong the life of your car? Change your oil at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

Contaminants are whipped into oil as it runs through your engine. Neglected oil will eventually turn these contaminants into sludge. Contaminants such as unburned moisture and fuels reduce the effectiveness of the oil additive package and cause the oil to get dirty, typically between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. For those who typically drive over 5,000 miles between oil change intervals, synthetic oil is the best oil for your driving needs. The vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations address driving habits and conditions to determine the most responsible drain interval for you to follow. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vehicle owner’s manual.