25 days of giveaways: cuisinart blend & cook soup maker

In addition to its stainless steel blades and four speeds, the 900-watt appliance features an embedded three-setting hot plate that lets cuisinart griddler elite you cook ingredients. Need to dice carrots, onions, and celery for minestrone? Leave ’em in, add some oil, and turn the knob to low.

cuisinart soup maker

I’ve also used it to make marinara sauce and vegetable purees to sneak into other foods. Unlike some soup makers, the Cuisinart is see-through, so you can stay on top of what’s going on in the pot. The lid comes with a hole, filled by a measuring cup, which allows you to add ingredients during cooking; ideal if you’ve got ingredients that cook at different speeds. The stir function ensures everything mixes together perfectly – a squash and red pepper soup I tried was superb. Used as a regular blender, it can prepare hot or cold sauces, smoothies or, with its strong stainless steel blade, even crush ice. The durable glass jug holds 1.75 litre cold liquid and 1.4 litre hot, and makes it easy to see ingredients and check consistency as you blend.

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When ready , you have to press the blend button to whiz everything together. But the reason it came up trumps is not aesthetic. Rather, it was the most versatile device, with some extra functions that pushed it ahead of others, even if they add to the cost.

The blender makes smoothies in no time at all, too. More sophisticated models come with additional functions, some of which are useful, though they tend to drive up the prices. Some have a sauté function, to brown off onions and garlic, for example, for added depth of flavour or colour. Others even have a self-clean mode, though I found you often still need to rinse or scrub in the sink. A keep-warm function maintains the soup’s temperature for a limited time after cooking, up to an hour, in most cases.

Gently stirs ingredients during the cooking or blending cycle with a touch of the Stir button. Last night, I made a cream of broccoli soup with the soupmaker. I heated up the heat plate for 10 minutes on the medium setting, then I added some oil and half an onion and raised the heat to the high setting.

She also found that the simmer button didn’t make things simmer, and she had to use the medium and high settings to achieve this. Bring a state-of-the-art soup maker into the equation, and that changes everything. Its easy to clean and we love also using it for if we just want a quick batch of soup to go with dinner. The first thing you must ask yourself is whether or not you should get a soup maker, before you even start to consider which soup maker brand/product would suit you. We figured that when she was old enough we would use it to make her blended baby food, plus it would be big enough for us grown ups to have some soup whenever we wanted to as well. Morphy Richards Soup Maker Vs cuisinart soup maker.

It is, admittedly, a tad more hands-on than some soup makers – the aforementioned sautéing, for example, requires you to switch between functions during cooking. But this is a small price to pay for a superior soup. For example, once it’s finished cooking, it’ll bleep, signifying it’s time to blend – most others will automatically blend the soup. Because this appliance functions as a hybrid slow-cooker, food processor, and blender, it’s something that deserves a piece of real estate on your kitchen counter. It’s the perfect gift for busy folks trying to find a little bit of extra time during this holiday insanity. This is where my latest obsession, the Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soupmaker, solves my soup dilemmas.