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We tested each fan’s performance through a battery of tests that cover four metrics. We put together a complete picture of each model through laboratory tests, precision measurements, everyday usage, and qualitative analyses. Here we break down the metrics we evaluated and the tests we used to pinpoint the best ones for specific jobs.

However, the lightweight plastic disc base lacks any feet to hold it in place on a hard floor. While we don’t think this is a huge problem, if your furniture gets frequently bumped into by children or pets (or adults!), the Lasko S16612 will slide. And, if you have a giant living space and are hoping to place a fan across the room that can still reach you with a powerful breeze on the couch, this one may disappoint you with its below-average wind speeds. If you plan to carry it around your home, we also found that it sometimes comes apart mid-transit — though it simply slides back together again easily.

Create a cool, fresh atmosphere in any room in your home with a pedestal fan from Lasko. To find the best pedestal fans on the market today, we spent hours combing through the top options before selecting the alen breathesmart most promising models to purchase and test side-by-side. Tasked with cooling us off through some of the hottest days of the desert summer, we put these fans through a litany of laboratory and real-world tests.

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Though the Pelonis Silent Turbo doesn’t offer the high rate of flow that many others do, it does have a wide range of lower speeds. With 12 distinct speeds, this quiet fan measured between 3.3 mph on its lowest setting to 10.5 mph on its highest. It has four different modes lasko pedestal fans with intuitive speeds and functions to fit precise situations that likely occur daily in most homes. Though its sound is quieter than many others of similar power, the quality of noise this fan emits is, at every speed, rather similar to the whirring of a small airplane.

If you don’t mind a whirring fan with limited remote functionality, the power and height of this Pelonis are a potent combination. The Lasko S16612 with Thermostat offers surprisingly convenient functionality beyond its optional thermostat functionality — which we love. This fan emits a lower pitched hum that more easily fades into the background than many other lasko pedestal fans models’ higher-pitched whirring noises. We almost couldn’t hear it amongst all the other noises in the house at its lowest speed. The remote is both simple and fully functional, controlling every aspect of this fan — including oscillation — with a beep-less push of a button. Though lightweight, this model is also more stable and less wobbly than most.