Instant Pot Duo Nova, 6 qt

While it isn’t a budget appliance, this Instant Pot is a great price when you take into account all the different uses and the other appliances it can replace. All the removable parts including the lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher, taking the hassle out of cleaning up. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Hi Ly, I’m so glad that you’ve found me and I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I do! Feel free to reach out once you get your IP with any questions you might have. Catherine, I don’t have my Nova with me – my daughter took it to college, but I believe it doesn’t let you press Pressure Cook unless you press Cancel.

Don’t forget the larger the pressure cooker, the longer it will take to come to pressure. Can you please talk about how to clean the duo nova lid. Natural release begins after cooking has been completed. So you can leave the Instant Pot unattended, and it will release pressure on its own. Don’t obstruct the steam release valve when pressure is being released. Although the Instant Pot pressure multicooker has many different functions , the most commonly used is the Pressure Cook function.

During slow cooking the handles and sides all stayed cool, the lid reached 113 F/ 45 C which isn’t too warm to touch. This gully almost inevitably gathers some crumbs or condensation or whatnot during the stirring and serving process and can be a bit difficult to clean. However, the Duo Nova has an upgraded lid and a better-looking control panel, which is why many beginners would rather choose it for their first pressure cooking experience.

It is supposed to be wobbly but must be pushed in all the way. Don’t move the Instant Pot when it’s under pressure. Don’t touch the hot surfaces, particularly the stainless steel parts. Use the handles to move the Instant Pot or the inner pot. Good luck and I’d love to know what you think of the 10 quart.

instant pot duo nova

They’re similar in so many ways, but to me, that easy steam release is definitely worth the extra cost. It’s difficult because it comes instant vortex down to price vs safety functions. Both Duo and Duo Nova have almost all the same features, and Duo is even better in some ways .

However, if you like leftovers, cooking pot-in-pot , or two-fer meals (e.g., cooking roast one night then cutting it into beef tips and gravy the next night), I’d recommend the 6-quart. In what we’ve found to be the most differentiating of our cooking tests, the saute test; the DUO Nova performed wonderfully. It got hot enough to easily brown eve hearty veggies like carrots and made quick work of diced onions.

There are very few situations where the DUO Nova wouldn’t be our top pressure cooker recommendation. The first is for those that mainly want to cook meat, as we’ve found some other cookers that can retain just a bit more tenderness in specific cuts than this machine. However, those cookers also tend to cost a lot more. It sets the standard for pressure cookers, offering a versatile list of cooking functions, well-designed controls, and convenient touches like a pressure release button. In the world of pressure cookers, the DUO Nova sells for a relatively reasonable price but leads the pack in terms of performance.

Steam will gush out of the steam release cover. You should do a water test before the first use but you can also do it when you’re having problems with the Instant Pot pressurizing. Doing the water test will pinpoint whether there’s something about the recipe that’s causing your sealing issues. As a safety precaution, the cooker automatically enters standby mode after 30 minutes if you have not pressed Cancel. You may encounter Instant Pot recipes that tell you to press Start.

The steam rack provided isn’t great for this purpose and some of the broccoli pieces fell through the gaps. Preheating took five minutes and after the four minute cook time we used the quick release pressure button so that we could get the broccoli out immediately. instant vortex Some of the larger florets had a good texture but the smaller ones were overcooked. It’s pretty simple to figure out the settings and get cooking shortly after removing it from the box and the preset programs are a good starting point for common foods and meals.