Cuisinart Paring Knives Paring & Peeling Knives Set

Think a Cuisinart paring knife for peeling root vegetables and a chef’s knife for creating small cubes of meat. Then, throw all the ingredients into a slow cooker before turning your focus to the side dishes. If you’re prepping a side salad, select a santoku blade from your Cuisinart cutlery set to mince onions, carrots, tomatoes and other produce.

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Bell pepper, onions, meat, potatoes, you name it, and the J. Smooth and clean cuts made dinner on work nights a painless task. The Tuo santoku also excelled in this metric, making it an equal adversary. Whether your slicing through meat or chopping herbs, this robust set won’t disappoint. The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

From the shape of the blades to the pakkawood handles, Tuo is an attractive and well-built set that’s a viable choice for those who value longevity. In contrast, everything about Dalstrong screams high dollar. From the tip to the tang, we couldn’t spot a single flaw in construction. However, due to the angles, the storage block began to show signs of the wood wearing around the insert slots. Aside from Tuo, all of these top contenders feature riveted handles that further enhance the strength of the blade joining the handle. Most cuisinart knife sets cost under $100, but prices vary by retailer.

Not only do Cuisinart colored knives complement colorful kitchen accessories, the color-coding helps you select the best knife for the task at a glance. To keep your Cuisinart knives at their sharpest, hand wash each one and use a Cuisinart knife sharpener periodically to hone the blades. Priced around $150, the Chicago Cutlery Fusion knife set is considerably more expensive than the Cuisinart set. The added cost gets you a few extra pieces, though, including eight steak knives and a 5-inch partoku knife.

Cuisinart has eight knife collections, including individual knives, sets, and knife blocks. The chart below is a quick reference guide to the key features of each collection. While we love the construction of Ginsu, we did notice a subtle chip on the bolster of the chef’s knife.

The size and curves of the Henckels handles were great for average-sized hands. However, we found ourselves wishing they were a smidge more comfortable — both for a pinch grip and handle grip. Although the corners add stability, the squared edges dug into our hands more than other contenders when cutting Cookware Sets items like root veggies. The ZWILLING set may be a better option if you want curves tailored to your hand with squared edges that don’t dig in so much. One design aspect of a kitchen knife that can detract from the comfort of the grip is the lack of a smooth transition between the blade and handle.

But because there is some variation in performance, this category is broken down by knife type. They also offer a variety of collections, so it’s easy to find a design that’s comfortable and fits in your kitchen. Cuisinart knife collections are available in a wide variety of design options. They range from classic knives to brightly colored blades and handles.

This is the reason why we have put together this guide on picking the right . While quality is not a question, not everyone will be a fan of the adjustable Dalstrong knife block. It has a royal aesthetic that feels targeted towards a specific demographic and is less likely to appeal to a wide range of users. We found inserting the blade side down resulted in wear around the slots. It also offers empty slots to add additional pieces to the set. However, some may find the vacant slots to be less visually appealing and worry a knife or two may be missing when, in fact, everything is safely stowed away.

The longer blade of the Dalstrong was made with bread in mind. It slices through wider loaves easily, while the sets that only came with serrated utility knives were too short for the job. In particular, the serrated utility blade of the Wusthof is razor sharp but left us wanting more steel to match the diameter of the bread loaves. The handles of most Cuisinart knife collections are plastic, which can limit the balance of the knife and the precision of your cuts. The Marble Style Collection has a stamped stainless steel blade and ergonomically designed handles with a marble print to complement kitchen décor. The Graphix Collection has a stamped stainless steel blade, and the uniquely designed handle is shaped and textured for an easy grip.