Skywalker Trampolines 15-ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure

It’s definitely at least a two-person job, and it’s best if one of those people is comfortable with construction projects. Setup can be tackled by the average layperson, although it might be a slow process; it took our team of three about five hours total over the course of two days. The trampoline’s full dimensions are 15 x 9 feet, but that’s including the frame.

This issue added quite a bit of time to the construction of the trampoline. Sure, it could have been user error—buyer, beware if you’re less than handy with tools or instructions—but after looking back at the instructions, they still seem unclear. Because this is a conventional trampoline construction with a metal frame, it is not as safe as a springfree trampoline. Although few, we have also viewed complaints of missing parts when the package arrived. First, all other reviews say it is a fantastic trampoline.

This trampoline from Beast Inc. is a comparable 15-foot round trampoline with a netting enclosure and similar safety features. Both boast high ratings and feature extra-thick coil springs, galvanized steel framework, and similar T-sockets. As we unboxed each piece of the Skywalker, it became clear that this trampoline, while on the lower end of the price scale, is still constructed with durability in mind. The metal legs of the frame are made with rust-resistant galvanized steel and feel simultaneously lightweight and hefty. Some of that sturdiness is due to the design, which incorporates reinforced T-sockets.

It wasn’t cheap but given they bounced daily on the small trampoline, I had a hunch they’d really take to a full-size version. Now that our oldest is 8 and youngest 5, it was time to upgrade to a full-size trampoline. However, we faced the same problem in that it could only be 8 feet wide. That restricted us to a rectangular-shaped trampoline. Because our kids were small, we opted for a junior 8′ x 8′ round trampoline.

skywalker trampoline 15

It was simple enough to sweep off the pine needles and leaves prior to playing, but rounding up all of the stinky socks the kids scattered presented more of a challenge. Assembling the frame required a very minimal use of power tools and a bit of elbow grease. We found that this was easily a two- or three-person job, as someone needs to hold the bulky parts in place while another person bolts them together. Still, this part of the construction was pretty simple.

This means that the structure of the frame can withstand heavy use and won’t twist or warp with repeated jumping by excited kids—a must when it comes to trampolines. The springs are good quality steel and do not get stretch out from extra weight. Also, the jump mat is a high quality and tight weave to provide an exceptional bounce. Another unique feature to this trampoline is how the durable net enclosure connects. It then connects to the jump mat with a patented button-hole feature connecting to the jumping surface at each V-ring which eliminates gaps. This ensures no figures or toes get into the springs.

A good choice if you are looking for accessories and a well-made model. You get a quality-built trampoline and the necessary components for hours of fun. In our analysis of 30 expert reviews, the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Basketball Enclosure Net Trampoline, 15-Feet placed 13th when we looked bounce pro trampoline at the top 26 products in the category. Along with our in-house experts, our team analyzes thousands of product reviews from the most trusted websites. With plenty of room for jumping, this Skywalker Trampolines round trampoline with an enclosure keeps you active and entertained.

There was plenty of room to jump, tumble, and “crack the egg,” a game the kids played nonstop during the test run. That extra space meant no collisions or bruises, even when the neighborhood kids heard the laughter and headed over to join in the fun. While it doesn’t offer too much padding, it sits firmly in place and was easy to tie little tikes cape cottage playhouse down with a series of thick elastic ribbons. Another nice feature is that the safety net extends up from inside the springs so jumpers aren’t exposed to the springs. Short of a foot ripping through the safety net, jumpers should land in the springs. A lot of time has been spent perfecting back tucks on this trampoline recently.

Our first pick was the springless trampoline by Springfree. We found the instructions were clear and detailed, unlike some of the other trampolines we’ve assembled. The rectangular frame is slightly more complicated; it’s made with much heavier material than most trampolines, so it’s difficult to juggle several pieces at once. One person will need to hold the pieces in place as another person constructs. Your best bet is to lay the pieces out beforehand so you don’t get lost in a sea of steel, but we didn’t run into any snags. This trampoline was not easy to construct due to the sheer amount of parts and the complicated way the frame fits together.