Skywalker Trampolines 15′ Trampoline, with Enclosure, Bright Blue

The time put into the construction of the Skywalker rectangle trampoline was worth it. At no point have we seen even a slight give to the frame of the trampoline—not even when larger kids take tumble run after tumble run on it. It can withstand some serious acrobatic skills, and the springs keep their tension every time. The frame is made of weather-resistant galvanized steel, and the UV-protected polypropylene jump mat is held up by about 76 tightly coiled rust-resistant springs.

Leicht boasts over a decade of journalism experience, and beyond her work at The Spruce, also serves as an editor at DGO Mag, a Durango, Colorado-based magazine. Total price indicated for that product includes the price of delivery without the payment of any additional fees. Delivery time may vary due to factors beyond the control of RONA stores. Chances are, your children’s safety is a top priority. Be sure to consider all the safety elements of a trampoline before you invest.

The shape also felt more modern and aesthetically pleasing. The springs come in two different sizes, which work together to launch your little one high into the air, making layouts and skywalker trampoline 15 back tucks a breeze. We found that this was easily a two- or three-person job. We looked at the top Trampolines and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites.

skywalker trampoline 15

This provides plenty of stability and while they say the weight limit is 200 pounds, many users will tell you that it can hold a lot more. Offering a range of activities beyond jumping, this trampoline includes a basketball hoop and ball along with a net. For an added challenge to your normal game of basketball, the backboard is easily attached to the trampoline enclosure. For volleyball and badminton, the nets are adjustable, allowing nearly any age group to enjoy either game. The net is held up by a freestanding pole on one side and attaches to the trampoline frame on the other. We’re thrilled with this trampoline because it’s safe and our kids love it.

It’s likely too large to fit inside anything other than a gym. Given that it is an outdoor toy, it is bound to get dirty. The kids climb on and off the trampoline in socks, tracking leaves, dirt, and more as they go. It’s easy to just sweep off any leaves or pine needles, though. We were really impressed with the design of this trampoline, especially compared to a more traditional one.

Shipping is included on most products over $25.01 unless otherwise specified. If additional shipping is required you will be contacted by a sales rep. The Skywalker 15 Ft Round Trampoline has great build quality, especially for the price point it falls in.

It’s definitely at least a two-person job, and it’s best if one of those people is comfortable with construction projects. Setup can be tackled by the average layperson, although it might be a slow process; it took our team of three about five hours total over the course of two days. The trampoline’s full dimensions are 15 x 9 feet, but that’s including the frame.