Weber Spirit II E-310 Black 3-Burner Gas Grill

As for maintenance, the Spirit E-310’s flat grates were easy to keep clean with a grill brush, and its grease trap was easy to access for dumping and washing. The other grills also have easy-access grease traps—not much to ask for, really. But we found the Napoleon model’s wavy grates hard to clean because we couldn’t run the grill brush in long strokes. In our tests, the Spirit E-310’s firebox cleaned up fine, with some Simple Green and hot water, and because it’s aluminum, there’s no concern about rust. The Spirit II E-310 also exhibited the most consistent heat across the entire cooking surface in the 2018 test, just as the original Spirit had done in 2017.

Compared with our pick, the Spirit II E-310, the entire Genesis E-325s is almost a foot longer, and its cooking area is about 20% larger, easily accommodating 15 burger patties at a time. Instead of having porcelainized cast-iron grates , the grates on the Genesis E-325s are made from thick, stainless steel rods. The stainless steel grates could create slightly lighter sear marks on your food than cast iron would deliver, but the difference should hardly be noticeable. The Genesis E-325s also has a foldable upper rack that extends the length of the main cooking grate and expands to be 11 inches deep.

This difference is insignificant and does not affect the performance of both grills though. Available in both gas and charcoal options, this is the premium line of offering. This three burner grill has a spacious grilling area and convenient side tables for placing serving trays, and tool hooks for hanging your tongs and spatula. With the powerful GS4 grilling system and iGrill capability, you’re already set up for BBQ success.

If you want to splurge on a grill with exceptional temperature control and a dedicated searing zone, go for our upgrade pick, the Weber Genesis II E-325s, instead. The Genesis E-325s is the only one of our picks that we haven’t physically tested, but we did check it out in person at a few different stores. When we visited Bering’s in Houston, we took measurements and got a thorough rundown of the grill’s features from a helpful staff member with a wealth of grilling knowledge. This model’s core design components—firebox, burners, control panel—are all the same as those of the Genesis II E-310, which we tested in 2017 and 2018. Knowing this, we’re confident that the new Genesis will perform at least as well as its predecessors.

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While it may not be on the same level as high end or newer models, the Weber Spirit II E 310 has plenty to offer in terms of both power as well as grilling opportunities. This gives you a lot of different options when cooking and grilling. The other element that I like is the high performance burners. These reach higher temperatures more quickly and maintain even heating quite well. Well, this amounts to about 15 burgers, a couple of racks of ribs, and about three whole chickens, depending on the size of the birds. The first is that it allows me to easily transfer food from platters onto the grill with minimal hassle.

I can also do so quickly to ensure that all the food starts cooking at the same time. An enclosed cabinet keeps the tank safe from external elements and provides storage space for grilling accessories. Flavorizer bars, an effective grease management system and the entire unit resting on 4 casters are some other features of this grill. The Spirit series just seems to be an entry point into the realm of technology-driven grills. The latest offering of internet-connected grills, complete with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity helps in tracking the temperature of your food. To answer the question quite clearly, I believe the Spirit II would be the better grill to buy.

That being said, it is a nice way to enjoy upgrades with your Weber Spirit II E 310 without having to splurge on high end models. It can also be an interesting accesory to have if you aren’t a fan of hanging around the grill all day long. If you want to cook food more gradually, then it is simply a matter of leaving the middle burner off. After using the Weber Spirit II E 310, I didn’t really notice any additional flavor. Also, while they can mitigate flare ups, there is still the possibility of these occuring. The side shelves are definitely a great feature and practically a must at this price point.

So triple-check your space to make sure you have room for this 61-inch-long grill before you buy! Continuing with the bigger-and-more-is-better theme, the Genesis has eight tool hooks—three on each of the side tables and two on the right side of the cart. The upper rack under the lid is also enlarged and upgraded. The hinged rack measures 5½ inches deep when folded and expands to 11 inches.

A drop-down side table is very useful for sauces and preparation. Typical to grills in the Spirit series, the Spirit E-210 is a perfect entry point to the weber spirit 2 grilling game for newbies. With a compact frame, and simply excellent features that are easy to work with, this grill is excellent value for money.

Cooking with charcoal is not as convenient as turning a dial and walking away, but we love a Weber kettle for its simplicity and durability. It’s a classic backyard staple, and it can fit up to 12 burger patties to feed a crowd—the same as the Spirit II E-310, but for less than half the price. At the same time, as you grow as a barbecue enthusiast, this grill accommodates this.