Weber Q Series Portable Grill Comparisons

But considering the quality of their products, you can expect a long and happy culinary relationship with this grill. They also offer two models with 285 square inches of cooking space and 20,000 BTUs, the X-Cursion and the 285. The X-Cursion weber charcoal grill has two burners while the 285 has three burners. The 285 also has two side tables, while the X-Cursion only has one. The Q1000 Series is lighter and more compact, while the Q2000 series has more grilling space and a taller lid.

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Choose from small, bare-bones models or full-sized models with all of the bells and whistles. The domed lid of the Q 1200 keeps the wind at bay — even high winds do not affect the flame, even on the lowest setting. Even though it is not necessarily insulated, the heavier-weight cast aluminum lid seems to be well-suited to retaining critical heat when outside temperatures drop. While Piezo igniters can also be finicky in cold weather, the electronic ignition system is entirely dependable . While reading reviews of the grill, I noticed that several people mentioned it can take a while to pre-heat, so I shut the lid and went inside to prep my burger. When I checked on the grill five minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the lid thermometer already read 400 degrees.

The pan is made from lightweight metal and has a recessed area in the center to hold a disposable tin. It’s supposed to slide in underneath the grill body, but the pan that came with my grill was the tiniest bit too big and wouldn’t slide into the grooves. I tried everything I could think of—rotating it, bending it, putting it in from the other side—and it simply wouldn’t fit.

These two grills come with a stationary stand that the grill unit bolts onto. Size-wise and feature-wise, the Weber Q1400 is identical to the Weber Q1000, and the Q2400 is the same size as the Q2000. The major exceptions are that neither model has a button to light it since they do not use gas fuel. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support our work.

The portable bbq 1200 is an unexpectedly powerful grill, resulting in cook times that were much faster than expected for such a petite barbecue. Like other top models, this is all thanks to a single, U-shaped burner that effectively delivers heat across the range of the grill surface. Both grills have identical warranties with five-year coverage on the cookbox, lid assembly, burner tubes, cooking grates, and plastic components while covering every other part for two years.

Portable grills are also great for bringing tailgating, to the beach, picnic areas, or campsites. Weber Q grills feature a lightweight cast aluminum body that’s rust resistant and durable. These grills have a unique, compact design that can be transported virtually anywhere and used in many outdoor situations where a full-size grill would be cumbersome. Though the Weber Q portable grills may be small, they’re powerful and their performance rivals that of many full-size grills.

The grill was incredibly easy to use—with a push of the ignition button, a blue flame quickly shot up all around the stainless steel burner, which circles the bottom of the grill body. From charcoal to gas to pellet grills, there are plenty of grills on the market that are capable of fulfilling all of your grilling needs. Gas grills, in particular, are great due to their ability to control the heat temperature while they’re in use.

The Q 3200 also comes with a stand for the grill, making it the only freestanding weber genesis 2 model. This model also has a Grill Out handle light, which illuminates your grill for nighttime cooking. This grill is the only Weber Q that can be bought as a natural gas grill model instead of a propane gas grill only. All portable grills, in our experience, struggle to control their internal temperature.