MOOSOO 5 Quart Air Fryer with Digital Touchscreen, 8 Preset Cooking Modes, Stainless Steel, Silver, MA13

The oven from my stove was broken and it cost too much money to replace the whole stove. So I brought this to replace my oven from the stoves. It works out the same just a little smaller than the stove oven. I think it will save money on electronic on my bill.

moosoo air fryer

I just finished dieting and was craving for some fried foods. I was looking for an air fryer and came across this one. It’s a perfect size, good for a family and not overly big. I replaced my old toaster oven moosoo air fryer as well since this new one had all the features and even more than my old toaster oven. So far I’ve air fried french fries, chicken wings and baked chicken nuggets and they have all reached my expectations.

With this, I was able to make healthier versions of fry foods. We received our MOOSOO , Air Fryer, Over about a week ago. We had several meals involving the oven, fish and chips, onion rings, fries, bacon, etc. The preset selection needs to be tweaked to suit your personal taste but they are a great place to start. The oven is stainless steel and about the same footprint as our microwave.

Now you can bake it once with this oven and you can bake two plates at a same time. Also the function is limit.Now this air oven has many functions and complete accessories. There is no need to buy another ovens with it. I think it can be used for a long, long time. Multifunctional kitchen utensils! I use this device instead of my air fryer and oven.

I like this led display screen, you can see the temperature more accurately. I use the old air fryer to make egg tarts and can only make 6 at a time. This air fryer super large,it is 24 Quart! I can make up to 18 at a time, saving me time and money.

You can bake, toast, and air fry. Very useful space saving in my little basement apartment. instant pot duo nova Very delighted every time I slide the crumb tray out for a quick cleanup.