Weber Spirit II E-210 44020001 Grill Review

With the Weber Spirit II E 310, though, you should be able to figure this out after a relatively short period of time. The only real gripe that I have with the Spirit II E 310 gas grill is that there are just three burners. When compared to other grills of a similar or even lower price, this Weber grill falls short. This is especially true since it isn’t equipped with even one side burner.

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It’s a classic backyard staple, and it can fit up to 12 burger patties to feed a crowd—the same as the Spirit II E-310, but for less than half the price. This three-burner grill offers an unrivaled combination of performance, usability, versatility, durability, and value. Interestingly enough, Weber’s Spirit series of older models cost more than the newer Spirit II series. While there is no compromise in quality with the Spirit II, they are comparatively less expensive than their original counterparts. The Spirit excellently combined innovation and performance to get the best grilling results in a smaller footprint.

Like the E-310, the E-210 has an open-cart design and an easy-access side-mounted hook and gauge for the propane tank. At 513 square inches (26 by 19 inches), the cooking grate on the Genesis E-325s is big enough Blackstone Adventure to grill an entire meal for a family. With previous Genesis models, we found that because the burners were spaced out over a larger cooking area, they didn’t sear food as darkly as those on the Spirit II E-310.

She grilled skirt steak for three hours straight because the small grate could accommodate only two-ish slabs at a time. However, the fajitas were beautifully seared and perfectly cooked. She was never disappointed with the Spirit E-210’s performance—it’s a top-notch small grill.

Spirit II reversible grates have a thin side which Weber believes is “ideal for food such as shrimp and fish”, and flat side which “creates a thick sear mark”. The ultimate goal is an evenly dark brown crust across the entire surface of the meat, which transforms dull, tan meat to a delicious flavorful crust thanks to the magical Maillard reaction. The cast iron cooking grates are good for maintaining heat, allowing the food to cook more evenly. They are also fairly easy to clean up after, without causing any damage to the grates. This generally means that the grill comes with a dedicated rotisserie burner; the motor and spit are usually purchased separately.

Weber tries to help these people out by making the side tables collapsible. Take the guesswork out of cooking with Weber’s iGrill Digital Thermometers. This grill includes a dedicated side shelf mount specifically designed for use with the iGrill 3 so you always have it by your side when cooking. The side shelf mount keeps it from taking away valuable shelf space. (iGrill 3 Digital Thermometer not included) The technology connects to WiFi for remote access to monitor your cook.

The last Spirit Series had cast aluminum sides with a large, slide out grease tray that doubled as firebox bottom. Spirit II has a single piece, cast aluminum fire box with a funnel shaped bottom that diverts grease into a small slide out grease tray (see below). The sleek open-cart design provides additional room and accessibility of your grilling tools. The Spirit II grills have an open cart design as opposed to the closed cabinet on the standard Spirit grills.

This is one of the main elements that you need to look at when choosing any grill, and the Weber Spirit II E 310 is no different. Take the char broil performance battery out of the igniter before you store the grill long-term. The Spirit II E-310 (and every grill) should come with a grill cover.

So the company has a financial incentive to build it to last for years. We backed this reporting with comprehensive research—the in-depth, professional reviews at being a standout source—and with hands-on time with grills at the big hardware chains. The Spirit series just seems to be an entry point into the realm of technology-driven grills. The latest offering of internet-connected grills, complete with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity helps in tracking the temperature of your food.