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For the nice operation range, rather large storage size, and good looks, the asking price is very competitive and a bargain in our book. The external color and aesthetics are quite nice and igloo cooler with wheels will blend in nicely with most vehicle settings. Refrigerators use a coolant (like R-22, the modern replacement for Freon gas) that changes from liquid to gas inside a coiled metal tube.

This is because the drinks will only be cool and not completely chilled. For example, if the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then your drinks will be kept at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. If you travel to a really hot area, let’s say 100 F, this Igloo cooler will  maintain the internal temperature of 64 F.

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If you’re looking for an affordable off grid refrigeration option and are willing to compromise on a few points though they can provide real value. If you are looking to freeze fish you caught on a trip or just want to keep things extra cold, the Bodega cooler is one powerful unit. With wheels and handles, it’s easy enough to move around and it gets as low as -68 degrees. It is a compressor-style unit designed to bring room-temp items down to freezing temps and keep them there. It’s compatible with various power sources, including 12-volt car outlets, wall-style and even solar power inputs.

igloo electric cooler

However, it does a decent job of temperature control and has a fairly large capacity. If this simplicity does the trick for you, and you don’t mind a few downfalls, you might be alright with this lackluster cooler from Igloo. Here’s an inexpensive option worth considering, if you’re looking for a normal compressor refrigerator. At $250, it’s a lot cheaper than most RV refrigerators, and can cool down to -4F.

It can keep food at a safe storage temperature in climates as hot as 72 °F. Della has a lot of experience selling various appliances and home goods. In regards to their electric coolers, they have one relatively popular product in their 40 Quart 12V Cooler/Warmer. Most of their sizes have a rated temperature capability of 40 degrees below ambient temperature.

If there is an outlet, there is an ice-less way to keep your food cool. Whatever your next trip has in store, these plug-in coolers are ready for the journey. Thermoelectric coolers will chill your drinks or help keep your lunch cold while your AC is on while you’re driving, but they need a constant supply of power. That’s a pretty big detriment for anyone hoping to achieve USDA food-safe temperatures if it’s warmer than 76º F outside. That fairly major flaw notwithstanding, the Igloo does have a decently large capacity of 60 cans — and beers or sodas don’t need to be 40º F.

Discount will be applied before applicable taxes, eco fees and additional fees (where applicable) at the time of purchase. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer, coupon or discount. It offers the best combination of features, efficiency, durability, and overall build quality. It’s not quite the largest available, but it’s a great product from a respected manufacturer. As a small-capacity cooler, it won’t be breaking any records for insulation or storage space. The Coleman Powerchill Iceless Cooler is a large and versatile thermoelectric cooler from one of the most well-known outdoor brands in the world.

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