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Connected models allow to track your routine, and advise you for a shave that’s best for your skin. The blades cut close and safely, without touching the skin directly. Express Delivery is available at select stores & postal codes.

We couldn’t figure out exactly why this break-in period is necessary. Different sources give different answers, ranging from new-user error to the need to “train” skin as it adjusts from healing the scrapes caused by a manual razor to dealing with the pulling and shearing mechanisms of electrics. Building on the research and testing we’ve done for seven years, we’ve looked into new models from competing brands that have been released, and we’re confident that the Braun line of foil shavers is the best available. And the Series 7 offers the best mix of effectiveness, features, and affordability of the line.

While the Series 7 is powerful enough for most shaving situations, Braun’s Series 9 is the top-performing shaver we’ve tried that we find worth the additional expense—at least for certain situations. If you have particularly curly or coarse hair, or if you wish to shave less frequently but achieve the same level of closeness, this may be the shaver for you. All Braun shavers include a two-year warranty, which covers everything but the foil and cutting block. The most obvious difference that sets the Series 7 apart from other Braun models is the flexibility of the shaving block at the top. The Series 5 remains fixed, the Series 6 pivots up and down, and the Series 7 pivots up and down and left and right, keeping the cutting block in contact with facial curves more of the time.

Modern electric razors can deliver impressively close shaves, but they can’t quite match the closeness of manual razors. The Series 7 razors consistently produce close, comfortable shaves and are easy to use and maintain. It really depends on your shaving style and what you’re looking to achieve. Electric razors offer a few benefits over the traditional razor/cream combo. Most electric razors don’t require the use of shaving cream or any other products to achieve a close shave. Most electric razors can shave a full beard in half the time (or less) it takes to shave the traditional way (again, a big part of this is the lack of other products).

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Going from the simplified OneBlade to the sophisticated 9700 is like night and day, which is expected given the big difference in technology, and subsequently, price. I felt a lot more comfortable shaving with it because of the contoured precision of the shaver head. In comparison to other premium, more comparable shavers I’ve used from other brands, the Philips philips shaver Norelco 9700 still proved to be better. On top of being a high-level shaver, The Philips Norelco 9700 is also a precise trimmer for guys who like to shape their sideburns, mustache, or beard. While trimmers on other electric shavers seem like an afterthought just slapped onto the the side of the device, the 9700 uses comes with the SmartClick precision trimmer.

I like the idea of the pop-up trimmer (to help shape your mustache and sideburns), but I really don’t like that you can’t shave against the grain with it. The 2300 seems like an awesome entry-level electric razor, but after using it, I can’t really recommend it to anyone. The shaver includes an indicator to let you know when the time comes, and the cutters are usually in the $50 to $60 range. That extra power and performance come at a dollar and design cost.

Philips also provides a range of Click and Style shavers which help trim your beard at an even length. The trimming comb that comes with these models will help create straight lines. They are sleek, easy to hold, and help efficiently shave the unwanted facial hair.

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Hypothetically, you could turn the entire shaver upside down and use the pop-up trimmer against the grain, but yeah, who wants to do that? One of the first things you’ll notice about the 2300 shaver is that it looks odd. The blade doesn’t look like a standard facial hair trimmer at all. If you follow all these steps you should be in good hands for getting a quality shave every time. Just make sure to take care of your razor and give it proper maintenance. And if you’re just starting out using an electric razor, give yourself a grace period for your skin to adjust (we touch on the reasoning for this more down below).