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It converts any sort of gentle into vitality to energy a watch and shops the surplus on a power cell. On a full charge, an Eco-Drive watch runs for months even in darkness with no need for normal battery replacement. As a light-power pioneer, we continue exploring new possibilities.

There are three Eco-Drive 365 fashions coming soon with new designs (including a limited-edition piece) which are part of the brand’s Global Collection. The designs had been inspired by a distinctive quartz watch from 1973, the Citizen Quartz EFA. The limited-edition model will feature lab-grown rubies that mimic the indices on the 1973 unique.

Two years later in 1976, we unveiled the CRYSTRON SOLAR CELL, the world’s first industrial light-powered analogue quartz watch. CITIZEN created the world’s first light-powered analogue quartz watch in 1976. We named the expertise Eco-Drive in acknowledgement of its eco-friendly origins.

This motion was the first light-powered movement the place the photo voltaic cells might be mounted beneath the dial. Previous light powered watches from Citizen and different manufacturers had the photo voltaic cell(s) mounted immediately on the dial. This innovation was enabled by marked improvements in thin movie amorphous silicon solar cells, which by the early Nineteen Nineties had turn into significantly more citizen promaster environment friendly. By locating a sufficiently translucent dial material over the now more efficient photo voltaic cells, sufficient gentle could move through the dial face to power the motion. Though the Eco-Drive caliber 7878 movement photo voltaic cells remained slightly visible via the dial, the physical styling of the light-powered watch was not constrained by visible photo voltaic cells.

The excellence and craftsmanship of Citizen watches for men goes beyond the Eco-Drive technology. The revolutionary know-how provides a component of sophistication and sustainability that many men love, and there are additionally other options that make them completely irresistible timepieces. Whether you’re looking for an elegant gold-tone watch or a rugged black chronograph face with a GPS, we’ve the Citizen watch for you.

At first, the new tech was a bit flawed, unable to successfully harness indoor lighting and provide a sensible energy reserve. Citizen’s next technology within the Nineteen Eighties saw big improvements with new solar cells sensitive sufficient for indoor lights and over a week of energy reserve. Lithium-ion tech brought the facility reserve to 6 months by 1995 and Eco-Drive was born. Enjoy pioneering watch expertise, unmistakable type and reliability with Citizen’s Eco Drive watches. Renowned for their innovation in watchmaking technology, Citizen launched the ability saving Eco Drive know-how, which harnesses pure and synthetic mild to energy watches, eliminating the need for a battery.

citizen eco drive watch

It wasn’t an electric watch as we know them at present because it nonetheless had a mechanical balance wheel and escapement. The mainspring was simply replaced by an electronic equivalent, however the future was knocking. And the lengthy run takes shape today, because of Citizen, with a watch with a 1-year energy reserve on a single charge.

Known because the Quartz Crisis, the Nineteen Seventies and 1980s saw many traditional mechanical watch brands fall into bankruptcy and disappear completely. Not only had been quartz actions cheap and really reliable, but they had been also more accurate than their mechanical cousins. In truth, most were extra correct per thirty days than mechanical watches were per day. Do you like a watch that’s environmentally-friendly or one with handsome styling and rugged appeal? Do you want reliable, precision timekeeping, or are you intrigued by the concept of a watch powered by the sun? With Citizen Eco-Drive men’s watches, you’ll take pleasure in all these features and extra — without having for tradeoffs.