Raise your pulse with these Apple TV games

Looking to see some of the new possibilities of the Apple TV hardware and remote? Look no further than some of these exciting games curated by AppAdvice.

Some great titles on this list, but I’d also add Rayman Adventures and Beach Buggy Racing. Don’t let the early levels fool you in Rayman: there are some tough challenges in this beautiful platformer. Beach Buggy Racing is a great way to scratch the Mario Kart itch, especially when paired with a true game controller.

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Siri commands for the Apple TV

iMore has a terrific post outlining all of the current Siri functionality available in the Apple TV. If you’re tired of trying different commands and seeing what works and what doesn’t, it’s quite a comprehensive list. Apple has also been expanding Siri functionality for the Apple TV in software updates, growing the number of commands it understands over time.

A few favorites from the list:

  • “What movie stars [actor] and [actor]?” This shows movies that have both actors.
  • “What did he say?” This goes back 15 seconds and turns on closed captioning for a short period for when you can’t make out something that was said.
  • “Launch [app name].” This will open any app, perfect if you have quite a few installed!


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Get a double dose of March Madness on Apple TV

Access to sports has long been one of the biggest hurdles for streaming services, but the NCAA March Madness Live app for Apple TV is hoping to change that, reports <re/code>.

The new app will launch Thursday, March 9 for a dozen streaming devices, but the Apple TV version has a unique killer feature: split-screen. You can put that 65″ screen to use and watch two games simultaneously so you don’t have to make the Sophie’s Choice of sports.


Access to the app does require registration to prove you’re a cable TV subscriber, so don’t go cutting the cord just yet!

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Chromecast accounted for 35% of digital streamers in 2015

Via hdreport:

Chromecast dongles accounted for 35% of the digital streamers in 2015, a market that consisted of 42 million units last year, that according to Strategy Analytics. The research firm also reported a growth of 32% in both streaming media players and dongles in 2015, with Amazon, Apple, Google and Roku accounting for 8 out of 10 units shipped.

The article also notes that Apple has sold 37 million Apple TV units since launching the line in 2007. Google has shipped 27 million of the lower-cost Chromecasts since launching in 2013.

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