Three Shades Of Casioak

Delivered on a resin strap with a metal buckle, the watch is water-resistant to 200 meters and gives the impression of being so. This new model inherits the octagon form that was also employed for the original DW-5000C. Analog-digital timekeeping comes packed into a no-nonsense simple design without sacrificing G-SHOCK level toughness. High-strength resin material,… Continue reading Three Shades Of Casioak

Original Vs Midsize “casioak” Watches

This version is great and I love the analog /digital complications. I haven’t found the band or buckle to be overly cheap and they seem commensurate with the quality of the watch itself. I do like the world-time function as it displays the time of oddball timezones such as India and it’s handy when scheduling… Continue reading Original Vs Midsize “casioak” Watches

Casioak Custom

That nickname should give you a clue as to why it’s so popular. Sure, G-Shock has had a cult following for a long while now. Its collaborations with the likes of musicians streetwear titans and movies have thrust the brand firmly into the world of limited-edition, high-resale-value ‘it’ fashion. But like the recent Bamford London… Continue reading Casioak Custom

Casioak Rose Gold

How are you surprised by this unavoidable consequence of a layered dial? Casio does provides a hand jump feature to move the hands if needed, but you didn’t mention it. Also, the size of the watch is clearly stated and you should have known that before purchasing. This is also one of, if not the… Continue reading Casioak Rose Gold

Casio G

The backlight is a dial illumination that allows you to use this watch in the dark. Over the past decade, the internet has ushered horology into pop culture. We now live in a world where Hollywood actors “talk watches” in YouTube videos, where hip hop artists rap about mechanical movements and where recherché Swiss dial… Continue reading Casio G

Buy Casio G

While extremely thin by G-Shock standards, the GA2100 does not sacrifice its ruggedness G-Shock timepieces have been known for – thanks to a thing called Carbon Core Guard. Avid watch collector, photographer and father of too many children. You can often find me building a new Vostok mod or setting up elaborate, dangerous and wholly… Continue reading Buy Casio G

Casio G

An attractive, minimalist feature analog/digital G-SHOCK that puts a traditional spin on classic Square aesthetics. A smart brand extension that’s entranced both G-SHOCK fans and traditional watch enthusiasts. The G-SHOCK GA-2100 doesn’t all the digital bells and whistles associated with the brand. It’s form-follows-function minimalism combined with G-SHOCK durability, reliability and rugged good looks. The… Continue reading Casio G

Men’s Minimalist Watch Ga2100

So, it can take on all of the outdoor activities I have planned for the summer . The double LED with high luminance brightly illuminates the dial and LCD to ensure readability in the dark. The module was slimmed by miniaturizing the componentry and employing optimized, high-density mounting for the g shock protection circuit board… Continue reading Men’s Minimalist Watch Ga2100