Mini bongs are small bongs that are great for travel or a bit more discretion. A mini bong gets everything done that a regular bong would but would have harsher hits compared to larger bongs because of the size. With water, a mini bong can also be known as a waterpipe glass. The ice pincher… Continue reading Bongs


Before you look at water pipes for sale, it’s important that you understand the difference between male and female water bongs. They are very distinct from one another, and learning this will save you the headache of accidentally ordering the wrong bong or accessory. Bongs and water pipes are an ideal choice for cannabis consumption… Continue reading Bongs

Water Bongs And Other Smoking Devices

Just like the people who use them, bongs come in all kinds of different sizes, shapes, and materials. Hemper has a myriad of different types and styles of bongs, including novelty and holiday-themed ones. There is not automated machine process to create bongs from start to finish. Because of this, there is a tiny degree… Continue reading Water Bongs And Other Smoking Devices

Buy Bongs And Water Pipes Online

But bong makers, sellers, and smokers are a creative bunch. In the 21st century, it’s easier than ever before to find water pipes for sale online and off. High Times Mini Bong- Mini percolator bong with one showerhead perc and colored accents. Ash catcher – Sitting inside your bong this piece adds a second level… Continue reading Buy Bongs And Water Pipes Online