Former Schwinn Shop Produces Custom Bikes

Bikes built by Waterford run the gamut from pure racing bikes and criterion or stage-racing to road and sport-riding. Schwinn never played it conservative with their ad budget, but their best sales agents were always their customers. Popular mid-century models like the Streamline Aerocycle, the AutoCycle, the Continental, Panther, Jaguar, Hornet, Black Phantom, and Sting-Ray… Continue reading Former Schwinn Shop Produces Custom Bikes


The classic Flying Pigeon is a singlespeed with 28-inch wheels, a fully covered chain, a rear rack, and push-rod brakes. Based in northeastern China, the Flying Pigeon factory has made more than 500 million PA-02s since 1950. But the Peugeot PX-10 was not a bicycle reserved for the most elite professional cyclists. In fact, it… Continue reading Fillet