Casio G

The dials share a common design and are uncomplicated with the lower right quarter given over to a digital timekeeping unit and the area around the nine-hour showing the day via a pointer. The analogue hands on both models are large and lume coated. I found the digital functions such as world time, stopwatch, and… Continue reading Casio G

Men’s Minimalist Watch Ga2100

This meant nothing short of creating a new standard-bearer for G-SHOCK, re-envisioned from the vintage point of the brand’s beginnings, now some 30 years after the AW500’s debut. G-SHOCK has always embraced the spirit of challenge in it’s untiring pursuit of the ultimate toughness. It was 1982 when the resolve to build a watch that… Continue reading Men’s Minimalist Watch Ga2100

Casio G

This means that it has incredible wrist presence but still feels ridiculously light and easy to wear. This pale pink is practically neutral, which means I can wear it year-round. Add yet another excuse to rationalize purchasing it even though I already have a million G-SHOCKs and Baby Gs. In case you’ve been living under… Continue reading Casio G

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If you like G-Shock, you could start a collection and use another model to utilize the digital features. The GA-2100 isn’t ideal, and depending on your requirements, you may be better off with another G-Shock model. For one, it does not have an auto light feature that allows you to turn your wrist to activate… Continue reading Buy Casio G

Casio G

If you are a seasoned G-Shock wearer then these watches will surprise you. They are noticeably slim and light-generating the immediate question of whether they can maintain the shock-resistant characteristics synonymous with the brand. The 45mm GA is 11.8mm high and the smaller GMA is a mere 11.2mm high. In practical terms, this means that… Continue reading Casio G