Schwinn, Steven D

Amateur cycling clubs also popped up around the city, like the Lakeview Cycling Club with headquarters on Orchard Street. Pacific Cycle is owned by a Canadian conglomerate called Dorel Industries, and both entities seem to at least partially understand the lasting appeal of the Schwinn brand. The contemporary designs routinely make reference to the familiar… Continue reading Schwinn, Steven D

Are Schwinn Mountain Bikes Good?

Besides mongoose bmx bike, now considered a low- to mid-level brand, Pacific operates Mongoose and its well-regarded line of mountain and BMX bikes, while Dorel manages the higher-end Cannondale, GT, Charge and Caloi marques. The offices of the Madison, Wisconsin-based company closed on March 13, around the same time the entire country began shutting down.… Continue reading Are Schwinn Mountain Bikes Good?